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An Individualized Approach to All Animals

Living with animals is one of the best things. However, we should be very attentive so that they will b healthy and happy. Every pet owner should be well aware of the important steps in order to guarantee his animal’s perfect health condition. Lougheed Animal Hospital is ready to help you whenever you need veterinary services. At this hospital, every pet and pet owner gets a personalized approach they deserve. The whole team strives to deliver the best possible care. The veterinary services this Mission Vet Clinic offers include spay and neuter, pet nutrition, cancer treatment, dental care, emergency, surgery, vaccinations, digital radiology and many more. Nutrition is one of the core aspects of excellent health and like longevity. This clinic offers Pet Nutrition Mission and makes sure to deliver the best nutrition plans. The vets of this animal hospital will assess the needed diet for your pet.


They offer Pet Nutrition Mission based on your pet’s age, character, size, type, breed, activity level, and health condition. The specialists understand that each animal has its own nutritional needs, so they deliver an individualized approach to each animal. They also educate the pet owners so that they will be well aware of how to feed their animals. Animals require various nutritional plans over time and various factors can alter these needs. This includes allergies to foods, mobility issues, pregnancy, diseases and so on. The Mission Vet Clinic will identify weight changes of your animal to offer you the most perfect plan. Whenever you notice any sudden weight loss or if you notice that your pet refuses food for more than a day, then lose no time and wait no more. Simply visit Lougheed Animal Hospital and discuss everything with your vet. The best solution will be chosen for your animal so that it can recover as fast as possible.


At Lougheed, your pet can also get spay and neuter services. This clinic is considered to be the best Spay and Neuter Clinic Mission as it has left every client satisfied. Spaying and neutering is very important for every animal. Spayed and neutered animals live longer and happier. The procedure is very easy and fast to handle as well. It just needs one day for the recovery of your pet. This Spay and Neuter Clinic Mission makes sure your pet will get back to its daily activities faster than you could imagine. This service will be very helpful as it makes all dogs and cats be healthy and live longer. Your animal will also be safe from all the suffering and death. The problem of overpopulation of animals is increasing day by day and spaying is the best method to solve the issue. Also, note that this is a very affordable service, so it will meet your budget. Don't let animals suffer and struggle to survive on the streets or be abused by cruel people. Just contact Lougheed Animal Hospital and the vets will take care of your animal's health. This is a perfect platform that is looking forward to helping all animals out there